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Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner
The overall focus of our lab is to unravel the neurobiological mechanisms responsible for alcohol’s intoxicating and addictive effects.   Our experimental approach seeks to integrate in vitro electrophysiological methods, like the whole cell patch-clamp technique, along with a wide range of behavioral approaches using rat and mouse models.  Many of our studies are focused on identifying synaptic mechanisms that contribute to alcohol’s negative reinforcing properties, like its anti-anxiety effects, and in identifying and testing novel pharmacotherapies that may reduce excessive alcohol drinking.   Some of our current projects include characterizing the physiological and pharmacological properties of two distinct inhibitory circuits in the amygdala that may contribute to alcohol’s anxiolytic effects, neurophysiological and behavioral characterization of a line of genetically engineered mice with increased sensitivity to alcohol’s anxiolytic properties, and studies on the effect of early life stress on ethanol self-administration and the neurocircuitry that regulates ethanol drinking behaviors.


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