2014 SfN Traveling Scientist Program

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2014 SfN Traveling Scientist Program

SfN LogoCongratulations to Dr. Carol Milligan and the Western North Carolina Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience upon receiving a grant award for the 2014 Society for Neuroscience Distinguished Traveling Scientist Program.

The Society for Neuroscience will partly sponsor a series of seminars, currently being planned, that will be spread across the spring semester. Distinguished speakers will be invited to lecture on topics that will appeal to the neuroscience community and provide opportunities for outreach. Incoming president of the Western North Carolina Chapter, Dr. Christos Constantinidis, outlined the goals of the program: 1) organize an event that allows members of the chapter to interact and discuss research and new potential collaborations and educational endeavors; 2) expose graduate students to cutting-edge research; 3) promote undergraduate student interest and involvement in neuroscience; and 4) initiate interactions with local historically black colleges and universities to engage their faculty and students in Chapter events. To address the last goal, Drs. Constantinidis, Carol Milligan (Neuroscience Program Director) and Ronny Bell (Director of the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity) will work together to develop bridges between the colleges and universities.

Event and seminar information will be posted and circulated as dates are finalized.  Advertisements will be posted during the fall semester at Chapter affiliate institutions as well as local HBCUs.