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Neuroscience PhD at Wake Forest University

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Thank you for your interest in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Wake.  We are proud to include 93 faculty members from 16 different departments in the program.  With them, 40 current graduate students and 12 postdoctoral fellows study how the brain and the nervous system work, how they develop, and how they can be affected by the environment and by disease. Our program offers training opportunities in state-of-the-art research that span virtually all areas of modern neuroscience, including molecular, developmental and behavioral neurobiology, as well as cognitive and computational neuroscience. These resources, along with our open and collaborative environment, translate into a wide range of personal and professional opportunities for young neuroscientists.

Explore these pages to learn more about our graduate training program, research interests of our basic-science and clinical faculty, our students, the admissions process, and the city of Winston-Salem.

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Program Director

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